About Us

A Team Of Top-Notch Mechanics

At Scotty’s Automotive Service LLC, client care is a key component of our operations. Unlike our competitors, we seek to instill peace of mind and understanding into auto repairs and vehicle maintenance. We employ certified and professional mechanics, ensuring that the auto repair services we deliver promise satisfaction. By communicating with and listening to our clients, we align interests with ease. This ethical approach allows us to provide solutions that are second to none. As a team of savvy mechanics and trusted technicians, we’re a reputable auto repair shop. To partner with skilled, patient, and diligent mechanics, allow Scotty’s Automotive Service LLC in Montague, NJ, to see to your auto repair needs.

Scot Boyce: Mechanic Turned Business Owner

Scot Boyce, the owner of Scotty’s Automotive Service LLC, recognized his passion for mechanics early on. As a kid, he worked on dirt bikes and go-karts, eventually graduating to auto repair. In 1991, Scot embarked on his professional career and started working at a few auto repair shops. To further his skills, he attended Lincoln Tech. It was here where Boyce discovered and fostered his knack for auto repair. Though Boyce was excelling as a mechanic, he had long hoped of owning his own enterprise. In 2009, he brought his entrepreneurial dreams to fruition. Over the last decade, Scotty’s Automotive Service LLC has seen tremendous success and will continue to under Scot’s sound leadership.


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