When it comes to your brakes, Scotty’s Automotive of Montague, NJ doesn’t mess around. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is always our top priority and that means we want your brakes to be in proper working order.

Brake Service

What is the best way to prevent brake failure as well as major and costly brake repair? Brake service and maintenance. That’s right. With as complex as your braking system and as many components as it utilizes, it is important to inspect and maintain each part in order to keep the system functioning as a whole.

At Scotty’s Automotive we provide a comprehensive brake maintenance service that covers all the bases so you can feel good knowing that your brakes will perform the way you expect them to.

Brake Pad Replacement

Your brake pads are under a lot of pressure to ensure that your vehicle comes to a stop when you apply your foot to the pedal. With that pressure comes friction and wear and tear. If you put off replacing your brake pads, it will only lead to brake failure and a potentially dangerous situation.

While most brake pads last to the 50,000 mile mark, some need to be replaced as soon as 25,000 miles and some can last all the way up to 75,000 miles. The actual life expectancy of your brake pads is determined by the type of brake pad your vehicle is equipped with as well as your braking and driving habits.

If you don’t know how much longer your brake pads are going to go, consult with one of our ASE-certified mechanics today. We can inspect your pads for wear and tear and give you an idea of when you need to schedule a replacement.

Brake Repair Near Me

Even the best-maintained braking systems sometimes need to be repaired. And when it comes to brake trouble, knowing the signs at the start is always the best thing. Some of the most common signs of brake trouble include:

  • Pulling to the left or right when braking
  • An illuminated brake warning light
  • A burning smell while using brakes
  • A soft-feeling brake pedal
  • Squeaking, squealing or grinding brakes
  • Any changes in your vehicle’s braking behavior

If you notice any of these symptoms of brake issues, don’t put off a trip to Scotty’s Automotive. Our ASE-Certified brake experts will see to it that your braking system is accurately repaired so you can get safely back on the road.

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