How Can You Tell Your Car’s Vacuum Hoses Are Bad?

Vacuum hoses have an important job in your car’s engine. They help to maintain the proper pressure within the engine, which allows the fuel, the air, and the spark to work in tandem as they’re supposed at just the right times. When vacuum hoses go bad, that entire process can fall apart due to pressure loss. Thankfully, Scotty’s Automotive Service can replace your vacuum hoses when they need it. Here are signs that you’ve got problems with your vehicle’s vacuum hoses.

The Check Engine Light Is Lit

Your biggest clue that anything is wrong with your car is that the check engine light comes on. This is, unfortunately, one of those “mystery” lights, however, because there are so many things that can set it off. It’s best to err on the side of caution, though, especially if the problem is as simple as a failing vacuum hose that’s easily replaced.

Your Car’s Engine Loses Power

Vacuum hoses are important because they maintain the pressure that your car’s engine needs in order to function. In fact, it needs just the right amount of pressure, so if there’s too much or too little pressure due to a faulty hose, your car won’t have the power that you’d expect at times. In a worst-case scenario, your car won’t even start.

The Engine Runs Rough

When your engine is running, pay attention to how it feels and sounds to you. If your engine is running well, you’re likely to hear very little out of the ordinary. The ride will also feel smooth, instead of jerky. If you notice that the idle is rough, and if you hear more engine noise, this could be a sign of a vacuum pressure issue related to faulty hoses.

The Engine Is Backfiring

Backfires happen when there is combustion in the exhaust system rather than in the engine. That’s a problem with the timing of the spark that the engine needs in order to run properly. Backfires can happen for a variety of reasons, and if the backfires are left unchecked, they can take a toll on your engine, as can a leaking vacuum hose.

If you think that your vacuum hoses might be going bad, contact us at Scotty’s Automotive Service, LLC. We are a full-service auto repair shop in Montague, NJ, and our expert mechanics can examine your car, crossover, truck, or SUV and get the problem fixed right away. Give us a call today.

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