I Can Smell Burning Plastic Coming From My Engine

If you can smell burning plastic coming from the engine, you probably have a leaking exhaust manifold gasket. Scotty’s Automotive advises that when the manifold gasket leaks, it lets scorching exhaust flow into the engine. When this happens, nearby plastic parts can actually be melted. The same is true with nearby rubber parts. This is just one sign that your exhaust system needs to be repaired. Here are other signs.

A Decrease in Engine Power

In order for your engine to perform efficiently, the exhaust needs to flow out of the combustion chamber, through the exhaust system, and out of the tailpipe. If the exhaust system gets clogged, the exhaust will have nowhere to go but back into the combustion chamber. When this happens, you will notice a significant decrease in the engine’s power. The power can also be decreased by a leaking exhaust system that allows exhaust gases to fill the engine.

A Decrease in Gas Mileage

Unfortunately, the problem just discussed will also decrease your vehicle’s gas mileage. This is because the engine burns extra gas in an effort to keep running. Anytime the engine struggles to run, your gas mileage takes a hit. You will continue to fill up more often until you get the exhaust system repaired. We can do that here at our shop, so give us a call.

A Ton of Engine Noise

Another sign that your exhaust system needs to be repaired, specifically the muffler, is if you hear a ton of engine noise. As its name suggests, the muffler muffles the extreme noise that your engine makes. If your engine has suddenly gotten very loud, it’s possible that the muffler is damaged and needs to be replaced. Do so sooner rather than later to avoid a fix-it ticket.

Damage to the Exhaust Pipe

As we said above, the exhaust eventually makes its way out of the exhaust pipe. More commonly known as the tailpipe, this part can be easily damaged because of where it is located underneath your vehicle. Damage to the exhaust pipe can cause problems in its operation of removing the exhaust from the vehicle. Damage can include holes, corrosion, and dents.

Detectable Gas/Diesel Odors

Finally, if you detect gas or diesel fuel odors in the passenger cabin of your automobile, the exhaust system is either leaking or clogged. Have your vehicle towed to our shop rather than driving it. Continuing to drive the vehicle can be dangerous if you are inhaling exhaust.

Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, can repair your exhaust system if it needs it. Call us today.

Photo by SaevichMikalai from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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