I’ve Got Blue Fluid Leaking From My Automobile! What Does This Mean?

Blue fluid leaking from your automobile usually means that you have a windshield washer leak. The washing solution can leak out of the washer lines or the reservoir. In rare cases, your engine coolant may also be blue, so double-check that to make sure it isn’t coolant that is leaking from your engine. If your coolant is also blue, Scotty’s Automotive recommends that you avoid driving your automobile because your engine will likely overheat. Aside from blue, what other colors do automotive fluids come in? Let’s talk about this below.


Brown is a common color for automotive fluid. There are four primary fluids in your automobile that are brown or turn brown. Differential oil, brake fluid, and motor oil are all light brown. These fluids turn dark brown as they age. Transmission fluid is initially red, but it turns brown as it ages.


Clear fluid is usually just water. When you run your vehicle’s air conditioner, condensation will drip from the condenser. You may also see water dripping out of your tailpipe, especially on a cold morning. The only time you should worry about clear fluid is if it smells like diesel fuel or gasoline.


Green, neon green, or blue-green fluid is antifreeze/coolant. Again, if your vehicle is leaking coolant, it isn’t a good idea to drive it, even with the heater on. Driving an automobile with an overheating engine can cause serious damage including a cracked head gasket or engine block.


Orange fluid could be transmission fluid that is getting old but it is more likely coolant that is filled with rust. If you drive an old automobile, it’s possible that coolant is leaking out of the bottom of the radiator because it has rusted through.


Pink fluid is a combination of coolant and transmission fluid. As you can imagine, this isn’t a good thing. Rather, driving with diluted transmission fluid will damage your transmission beyond repair. These two fluids combine when there is a serious breach between the two systems.


As we said above, transmission fluid is red. The other fluid in your automobile that is definitely red is power steering fluid. In addition to these two fluids, your vehicle may also have red brake fluid or red engine coolant.


Finally, you’ve probably seen neon yellow antifreeze/coolant. It’s a pretty cool color if you think about it. In some cases, brand new brake fluid can also look yellow because it is so light brown.

There you have it! The color of your automotive fluids. Call Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, for all of your auto service and repair needs.

Photo by Welcomia via Canva Pro

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