Steering My Car Feels Different

Depending on the type of power steering system you have in your car, truck, or utility vehicle, the automobile may be equipped with a power steering pump. Scotty’s Automotive advises that this pump lasts about 100,000 miles. Consequently, if you’ve clocked this mileage on the odometer and your steering feels different, it’s possible that the pump is going bad. When it does, the following problems occur.

Protesting When You Steer

The pump itself will start to make strange noises when you turn the steering wheel. It will sound as if you’re automobile is protesting because it is moaning or groaning. In some cases, the pump may also start to squeal. No matter the noise the steering system is making, the actual sound will get louder the tighter you turn the wheel. Bring your vehicle to our shop if it makes noise when you steer.

A Hard-to-Turn Steering Wheel

Another thing that will make your steering feel different is if it gets difficult to turn the steering wheel. A hydraulic power steering system, which is the type of system that uses the pump, relies on hydraulic power steering fluid to make it easy to turn your wheel. The pump circulates this fluid. If the pump has died, you do not have fluid circulating through the system and your wheel will get stiff.

Lack of Response to Steering

In severe cases, it has been reported that vehicles have refused to respond to steering commands. In other words, the driver turned the steering wheel right and the vehicle kept going straight. This is why it’s important that you bring your automobile to our shop at the first sign of steering trouble. You do not want to get stranded on the road with a vehicle that you cannot control.

Red Fluid Spots or Puddles

The steering pump can also start to leak when it gets old. Consequently, you will end up with power steering fluid on the garage floor. This fluid is red. You can check the level of the power steering fluid by looking at it in the reservoir. This reservoir will be clearly marked in your engine.

Silvery-Red Steering Fluid

If you see silver in the steering fluid when you check its level, you’ve got a serious steering pump problem. The silver is metal from the steering pump. In other words, as it circulates the steering fluid, it is disintegrating into it. You definitely need a new pump when it is in this condition.

Call Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, today if there is a problem with your vehicle’s power steering.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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