What Are the Problems Caused By a Vacuum Leak?

We here at Scotty’s Automotive can fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle, including a vacuum leak. Your

engine has vacuum hoses in it that transport vacuum pressure to components so they can use the pressure as power. A vacuum leak is rare, but it can happen in older engines. If you notice any of the problems listed below, drive straight to her auto service shop in Montague. We will inspect the engine to find out what is wrong and replace the leaking vacuum hose if that is the problem.

Acceleration and Engine Lag

As the vacuum pressure escapes from the leaking vacuum hose, it fills the engine with air. This excess air can affect your engine’s performance. You will notice that your acceleration will start to lag in your engine power will start to lag. Unfortunately, you will continue to have engine performance problems until you replace the leaking vacuum hose.

Reduction in Gas Mileage

Another unfortunate result of the engine performance problems is a reduction in your vehicle’s gas mileage. You will not get the miles-per-gallon that you normally get if you have an engine vacuum leak. This is because the vacuum leak is affecting your engine’s efficiency, and an inefficient engine does not get good gas mileage.

Sporadic and High RPMs

Take a look at your tachometer if you suspect that your engine is leaking vacuum pressure. One thing that will happen with a vacuum leak is the RPMs will be consistently high or balance between high and low. The changes in the RPMs will be reflected on your tachometer needle.

Steering Pump Failure

As we mentioned in the introduction, vacuum pressure is used to help power some of the engine’s components. An example of a component that uses vacuum pressure is your power steering pump. If your steering is suddenly stiff, the pump may be failing.

Noises in the Engine

Strange noises coming from the engine often accompany a vacuum leak. The noises may sound like a vacuum cleaner or may sound like constant hissing. Have any strange noises investigated right away to avoid engine damage.

Check Engine Warning

Finally, as you can see, a vacuum leak can cause all kinds of problems inside your engine. As a result, you may end up with a check engine warning on the dashboard.

Call Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, today to schedule an appointment for an engine inspection if you suspect you have a vacuum leak. Again, we can replace the leaking vacuum hose.

Photo by Christiantdk from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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