Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenance

Every good driver knows that preventative maintenance is incredibly important, especially Montague NJ‘s own Scotty’s Automotive, but many drivers don’t know exactly what all preventative maintenance entails. Vehicles are complicated pieces of machinery that rely on many systems and components working together to operate. Anytime one of these systems or components is compromised it can throw off the performance of the entire vehicle, or worse, lead to a total breakdown.

At Scotty’s Automotive, we don’t just appreciate the importance of preventative maintenance, we stress it to all of our customers. That is why we are pleased to offer everything you need for auto service and maintenance right here in our conveniently located auto repair shop.

Oil Change

Oil changes are the most recognized step in the preventative maintenance process and with good reason. If your engine is the heart of your car, the motor oil is the lifeblood. Engine oil circulates through your engine lubricating its inner components along the way. This lubrication reduces friction and slows down the wear and tear that happens as you log miles.

As motor oil ages, however, it breaks down and becomes dirty. This sludge can actually leave deposits in your engine and increase friction. For this reason, it is recommended that you have your oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles. At Scotty’s Automotive, our experts want to help you keep your vehicle on the road and performing at its best for as long as possible and that starts with the best oil change in Montague, NJ.

Preventative Maintenance Near Me

We know that we just said oil changes are one of the most important steps in your preventative maintenance schedule, but they are not the only thing your vehicle needs to continue running smoothly for years to come. Some of the other preventative maintenance services we are happy to provide include:

  • Brake service and brake pad replacement
  • Transmission service and fluid flush
  • Belts, hoses, and chains inspection and replacement
  • Fluid service
  • Tire rotation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire inspections
  • And more

When you are looking for comprehensive auto service and maintenance in Montague, NJ, you need the team of ASE-Certified experts at Scotty’s Automotive.

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