Before July 4, Get A Peace Of Mind Vehicle Check-Up

This July 4 holiday is going to be one of the biggest in the nation’s history. Last year, a global pandemic canceled everyone’s plans for fireworks, picnics, and long weekend getaways, so this year people are chomping at the bit to get back out there and celebrate. And with that celebration comes a lot of car travel. Whether you are making the drive to the beach for a long weekend or simply driving around the corner to your neighborhood’s picnic and firework show, you’ll want to make sure your car is in great shape. The best way to ensure a broken vehicle doesn’t spoil your July 4 plans is with a pre-holiday car check-up from the pros at Scotty’s Automotive.

Tire Check-Up

A blown tire or accident caused by worn tire treads can put a serious damper on your July 4 holiday. Isn’t enjoying some watermelon under the stars with your friends and family preferable to kicking rocks while you wait for a tow truck? We here at Scotty’s Automotive think it is, so we recommend getting your tires checked out before July 4. If we find a problem, we can repair or replace your tire or tires before you hit the road.

Brake Check-Up

Being able to stop your car is extremely important, and before this July 4 holiday, you’ll want to make sure your brakes are in awesome shape. A pre-holiday check on your car is the perfect time to address any brake problems you’ve been having, ranging from squeaks or squeals to a spongy brake pedal. A holiday weekend is the worst time to get caught with brake problems, so a quick check beforehand is in everyone’s best interest.

Auto AC Check-Up

It is going to be hot this July 4, and climbing into a sweltering car after a day of celebrating isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. So if you’ve noticed your auto AC isn’t blowing quite as cold as it used to, or if it isn’t working at all, Scotty’s Automotive can get you cooled off and back in comfort before the weekend kicks off.

At Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, we want everyone to have a safe and happy July 4 holiday weekend. A lot of that safety comes with having a vehicle that is running in tip-top shape. To make sure that is what you are working with, why not get a peace of mind car check-up from the pros at Scotty’s Automotive? Enjoy your holiday and make an appointment with us today!

Photo by bauhaus1000 from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

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