Poor Coolant Circulation Points to a Dead Water Pump

If your coolant isn’t circulating through the engine like it’s supposed to, the problem is likely a dead water pump. The water pump is part of your cooling system and it is the heart of it. In other words, it pumps the coolant through the engine. The average lifespan of a water pump is approximately 100,000 miles. Aside from coolant that isn’t circulating through the engine, Scotty’s Automotive is going to list the other signs of a dying water pump below. In most cases, the water pump will need to be replaced.

Slow Coolant Leak

You won’t know that the water pump has a slow coolant leak in less you take a good look at it. Pop your hood and inspect the water pump to see if you can find a gel-like substance pulling around it. If the water pump is corroded, it has a slow leak of engine coolant. Unfortunately, water pumps of poor quality can actually start to leak slowly after 30,000 miles of operation.

Fast Coolant Leak

As the leak worsens, you may end up with coolant on your garage floor. Depending on the quality of your water pump, this can happen anywhere between 30,000 miles and 100,000 miles. Keep in mind that if your water pump is hemorrhaging engine coolant, the levels are too low and your engine will overheat if you drive it. As you know, driving an engine that is too hot can be very dangerous. The radiator may burst, and you may end up with serious engine damage.

Overheating Engine

Even if your water pump isn’t leaking, your engine will still overheat if the pump is not operating. As we said above, the water pump works like a heart to circulate the blood through the engine. The blood is your engine’s coolant. Without any coolant, the engine will overheat within the first 15 minutes after you started. It will overheat whether it is hot or cold outside. Again, driving an engine that is too hot is dangerous. You can cause extensive damage to the engine including cracking the engine block.

Strange Noises

As an aside, you may also hear strange noises if the water pump is malfunctioning. Sometimes, you may hear grinding or growling sounds coming from the pump. More often, however, you will hear whining noises coming from the accessory belt to which the water pump is attached. This is a sign that the accessory belt is too loose and needs to be tightened or replaced.

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Photo by Andrey Radchenko via Canva Pro

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