Switch to Synthetic Oil Before Winter Really Packs a Wallop

It’s getting colder in Montague, NJ, every day and before you know it, we’ll be shivering in temperatures that are in the teens and 20s. The holiday season and winter weather are upon us. Have you thought about how you plan to prepare your automobile for the frigid temperatures? One way to boost your engine protection in winter weather is synthetic motor oil. Scotty’s Automotive Service, LLC, explains why it’s a good idea to switch from conventional now and throughout the winter months.

Your Vehicle May Already Require It

Before we get into the advantages of synthetic motor oil, it’s important to note that you might already have synthetic in your automobile. Many automobile manufacturers are recommending synthetic in their newer cars, so if you just drove your vehicle off the lot, or it isn’t that old, you might not need to make the change. High-performance vehicles also use synthetic oil, as do many European makes and models. Check to see what oil type is circulating through your engine before your next oil change.

Advantages of Synthetic Motor Oil

The primary advantage of synthetic oil is why we discussed winter weather at the beginning of this post: It stands up better in extreme temperatures. When it’s freezing outside, or well below freezing, such as January nights in Montague, conventional oil thickens. The thicker the oil the harder it is for it to circulate through your engine. This is why your parents told you to let your vehicle warm up in the winter when it’s parked outside. If you drive off with a cold engine, the oil cannot circulate through it.

Synthetic, or even a synthetic blend, has additives in it that prevents it from freezing. The cold temperatures do not change its consistency. As such, when you start your automobile on a freezing winter morning or night, the oil begins to circulate through the engine much faster; you don’t have to warm up the engine as long. This helps protect the engine from wear and tear in the winter months by keeping the moving parts lubricated and cool no matter how far the mercury drops below freezing.

Because of the additives, synthetic oil also lubricates better in performance and turbo engines and in high-mileage vehicles. The more miles you have on your car, truck, crossover, or SUV, the more chance you have of running into engine trouble. Scotty’s Automotive Service, LLC, in Montague, NJ, can switch your conventional oil out for synthetic no matter what you drive to make sure your engine is protected.

Photo by Artem_Egorov from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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