What Are the Common Problems With Diesel Engines?

Scotty’s Automotive works on both gasoline and diesel engines. We are a complete auto service and repair shop. We come across some common problems that diesel engines experience on rare occasions. For the most part, diesel engines are incredibly durable and low maintenance. Let’s talk about the common problems with diesel engines below.

Problems Starting the Engine

Diesel engines tend to crank more before they start than gasoline engines do, but you shouldn’t have problems getting the engine started after a few cranks. If you do, the engine needs to be maintained because something is wrong. Specifically, your glow plugs may need to be replaced because they are generating enough heat.

Fuel-Related Power Loss

Your diesel engine may lose power if it has a fuel-related problem. Diesel engines use fuel injectors just as gasoline engines do, and if they get clogged, your diesel automobile will lose power. Other things that Rob the engine of power include a dirty fuel filter, too much lubrication, and throttle linkage problems.

Fuel That Gets Contaminated

Diesel fuel is energy-dense, which means it generates more energy using less fuel than gasoline fuel does. It is also thick, which means it is more susceptible to contamination. Soot, water, and glycol can all contaminate your diesel engines fuel if there is a breach in the fuel system.

Excess Black Engine Exhaust

You might see a small amount of black exhaust coming out of the tailpipe but you should never see an excessive amount of exhaust. If you do, your diesel engine has an imbalance of air and fuel in the combustion chamber. The fuel mixture is rich due to an underlying problem.

Oil That Has Oxidized

If you haven’t driven your diesel automobile for several months, there’s a strong chance oil has oxidized. Oxidized motor oil cannot protect the engine because it is filled with tiny air bubbles. This prevents it from lubricating the moving engine parts properly.

Excess Engine Noise

Finally, although diesel engines are a bit louder than gasoline engines, you should not hear excess noise coming from underneath the hood. If the diesel engine is unusually loud or you hear knocking or other sounds, you may have a problem with the fuel injectors or an imbalance with the engine compression.

Look no further than Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, for all of your diesel engine service and repair needs. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the problems listed above, we can find the source of the issue and fix it. Call us today for an appointment.

Photo by algre from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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