Why Does My Engine Lose Power When My Vehicle Is Stressed?

Your engine might lose power when it is under stress if the fuel pump is going bad. Scotty’s Automotive explains that your engine needs more fuel to maintain power under stressful conditions such as towing a trailer or driving up steep inclines. This is just one sign that your fuel pump is going out, which can happen if you have over 100,000 miles on your odometer. Here are the other signs that it’s time to replace the fuel pump in your car, truck, or utility vehicle.

High-Speed Power Loss

Your engine will also lose power when you are driving faster. This, too, requires more fuel from the fuel pump. If the pump is malfunctioning or dead and cannot supply the engine with the necessary fuel, the engine will sputter and lag when you are on the highways driving at faster speeds.

Poor Fuel Economy

A faulty fuel pump can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy, as well. When the engine struggles, it actually burns more fuel. Consequently, you’ll end up at the service station more often to fill your tank. Another thing that can reduce your fuel economy is the pump pushing too much fuel into the engine.

Reduced Fuel Pressure

Generally, however, you end up with low fuel pressure when the fuel pump is dying. This pressure can be tested and if the reading is not within the range recommended in your owner’s manual, it’s a safe bet that the fuel pump has reached the end of its life. You’ll need to replace the fuel pump to restore the fuel pressure to normal ranges.

Overheating Frequently

Strangely, a dying fuel pump can also make your engine overheat. When the fuel pump pulls diesel fuel or gasoline out of the tank, this liquid flows over the motor to keep it cool. If the fuel pump is not drawing enough liquid to keep its motor cool, the motor will overheat. The heat will seep into the engine and increase its temperature, as well. Consequently, your engine may overheat until you replace the fuel pump.

Dead Engine/Hard Start

Finally, if you are having difficulties getting your car, truck, or C/SUV started, this can indicate that the fuel pump is not drawing enough fuel out of the tank. In fact, if the pump is unable to operate at all, you will have a dead engine because there will be no fuel being drawn from the tank.

Call Scotty’s Automotive in Montague, NJ, today if you believe that your fuel pump could be going bad. We’d be happy to test it and replace it if necessary.

Photo by rusiangilmanshin via Canva Pro

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