Why Is My Car Pulling to the Side When I’m Driving Straight?

A minor problem that will cause your car to pull to the side even though you’re driving straight is uneven tire pressure. Check the air pressure in all four tires to make sure that each of them is inflated to the proper psi. If that isn’t the problem, it could be that your wheels are out of alignment. Scotty’s Automotive recommends that you have your wheels aligned every one to two years depending on how much you drive your automobile. You can also knock the wheels out of alignment prematurely. Here’s how.

You’ve Been in an Accident

Even a minor automobile accident can knock your wheels out of alignment. It doesn’t matter if you were hit or did the hitting. It’s important to have your wheel alignment checked after any fender-bender. In fact, you should have your automobile inspected thoroughly.

You Flew Over a Bump

If you flew over a bump that you didn’t see, you may have just knocked your wheels out of alignment. Sometimes it’s hard to see road hazards until it’s too late, and you end up driving over them going way too fast. This could be why your vehicle is veering to one side.

You Slammed Into a Curb

Another problem that can knock your wheels out of alignment is if you slam into curbs. You might hit the curb or run over it when you are turning a corner, or you may seriously misjudge where the curb is when you’re parallel parking. This can wreak havoc on your wheel alignment.

You Flew Through a Pothole

As with bumps, potholes are a wheel’s worst enemy. If you fly through a pothole, you can knock your wheels out of alignment, damage a suspension spring, blow out a tire, and even break an axle depending on how big the pothole is.

You Hit a Cement Parking Space Marker

The cement markers at the end of each parking space will force your front wheels backward if you hit them. If you back into the space, you can knock the back wheels out of alignment if you hit the marker. Pull into parking spaces carefully.

You Haven’t Had Your Wheels Aligned in Years

Finally, as we said above, it’s important to get your wheels aligned every one to two years depending on how much you drive your automobile. If you do a lot of driving, you might need to have your wheels realigned annually. If you don’t do a lot of driving, you may be able to wait two years.

Scotty’s Automotive is the best auto service shop in Montague NJ, and we’d be happy to test your wheel alignment and realign the wheels if they need it.

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